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Startup Success of Highest-pressure Tailings Transfer Pump

2022-04-08 23:37:11 411

Startup Success of Highest-pressure Tailings Transfer Pump


On April 6, the high-pressure slurry diaphragm pump unit for pipeline transportation (flow 280M3/ h, pressure 16MPa) passed startup tests in CQPI’s Heavy Workshop at one time, delivered to project onsite recently. This marks successful localized development of high-pressure slurry pump at CQPI, which has long been monopolized by the West in past.



This tailing conveying project is from Chinalco group, and it is the tailings conveying pipeline with the highest pressure so far in China. The slurry pump is the core equipment of the project, which is directly related to the subsequent replacement and utilization of bauxite resources. After contract awarded, CQPI engineers have bravely shouldered tough task to overcome numerous technical difficulties, finally achieving successful localization.



In this project, CQPI engineering team independently developed technology of high-pressure hydraulic end, technology of compact heavy-duty power end box casting, technology of intelligent electromagnetic oil supplement and drainage, and technology of pump unit synchronization. The commissioning test data shows that the flow and pressure of the pump unit not only meet the design requirements, but also the pump unit efficiency is over 90%, the outlet pulsation is less than ± 0.5%, which is higher than western standard of ±1%±2% in terms of outlet pulsation, and its technical value indicators have reached advanced international level.


With China’s continuous strategy promotion of carbon neutralization, carbon peak and green mine, the long-distance pipeline transportation will become a most important slurry transfer mode in the area of mining and metallurgical production. (Source-CQPI; English-YYG)